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From The Desk Of Olga Maslova.
Re: Get the wife you always wanted - Do not settle for second best.
Dear friend,
The United States Immigration Authority (USCIS)  issued over four thousand K-1 Fiancée and K-3 Residence visas to women from the former Soviet Union last year. They do the same every year. These are all women who physically entered the USA to live with American men and start a new life. Many of these guys will end up divorced or married to a "Green Card Girl" - many will pay the price of their uninformed haste many times over in the divorce courts. Marrying an insincere woman is all too common a problem in international dating. 

This is why you need good professional expert advice from people who know the facts!

International dating can be a minefield. What agencies can you trust? What translators can you trust? How can you weed out the insincere women? How will you overcome language barriers? How to deal with the myriad of IMBRA regulations and the intractable USCIS people? Where should look in the old USSR - where are the best women? Will you be a sheep and head straight for Ukraine like most guys? Are all these slim long-haired women you see on these dating sites actually for real? Can you succeed with one? Are guys really marrying these hot slim women that you see on websites?

Yes, it is possible. Thousands of American guys are married to sexy younger Russian wives. The successful ones amongst them did not get there by accident, they had quality advice. The days of American guys rolling up in any Russian or Ukrainian city, flashing a US passport and being swamped in model quality girls are long gone. This is 2011, not 1991. Women are not desperate to leave any more. If you want a hot, younger, Russian, Ukrainian or FSU bride by your side, you must move fast, the door is closing! You need to know all the current facts! Where to look and why. Who to trust and why. What is possible and what is not.

Your authors Stuart J. Smith and Olga Maslova are a married English/Russian couple who have been through the whole experience personally from start to finish and who live part time in the former Soviet Union. Stuart has been visiting the former Soviet Union regularly for over a decade. He is now the Administrator and an advisor on the busiest, and one of the largest most-respected internet advice forums on this subject.

Olga is a multi-lingual Russian woman with two degrees in psychology and personal experience running a small introduction agency herself. Before marrying, she was a psychology lecturer at a University in Samara, Russia. She has extensive experience both helping women from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus seeking foreign men, and working with men from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe seeking an FSU wife.

The joint experience contained in this book is unrivalled. You get a Russian woman's view on Russia, Russian women, and what they expect of Western men. You get the real deal through a Russian woman's eyes! You also get an insight into Russia and Russian women from a Western man who is married to a Russian woman. Together they present the information you need, in a way you can relate to and utilize for your personal success.

Most agencies only want your cash! Seldom will you be in contact with a genuine woman directly. The Russian Bride Guide will teach you how to cut out the greedy "piggy-in-the-middle" agencies and even how to use Russian language free sites - it's all here!

The reason we wrote this book is because we made this journey that you are now contemplating ourselves. We did it the hard way without information of this caliber. We read the books, forums, dating sites. We read all about how these apparently traditional supermodel looking women who will all accept twenty-five year age gaps.  Sounds fishy doesn't it?

I read all about docile, non-feminist women seeking cozy homes that you can read about on any site, I thought to myself, "Hang on, Soviet society was one of the toughest in the world. Yet I am to believe all these women are 1950's June Cleaver reincarnations in four-inch heels and black stockings?" 

There are elements of truth and myth in the fantasies pedaled by agencies, forums and the various websites out there.  Sorting the wheat from the chaff is the hardest part. We read all the other books available and knew we could do better.  

You know, any joker can write an e-book and put it out there for a few dollars. Not any joker can write a real paperback book like The Russian Bride Guide.  The Russian Bride Guide had to pass the publishing company, the editors, the marketing and publicity guys and the whole legal team as well. That's a whole different ball game to an e-book.

Maybe you've read "How to Find and Marry a Girl Like Me", the $50 e-book by Elena Petrova? (It was OK back in the 1990's when she wrote it...a bit incomplete now... and the women she was writing about are probably in their 40's and 50's now. Now it is just a marketing tool for her agency.)

How about Donald Stevens' "Understand Russian Women" (It will cost you an eye watering $89-$99 plus shipping and was written about five years ago. It is a vanity published book, so think of it like an expensive e-book.) Who is the guy? He is sometimes known as William Janeck. Try to find an independent review of his book on Google - we couldn't! (It didn't stop him calling us up ranting and raving about what we said here though.)

"Your Russian Bride - The Shocking Truth" by Marina Smiley is another one you may find on your internet travels. (It is so good that some websites are giving it away. Make your own mind up. We say you get nothing for free in this life.)

Most of these e-books and vanity books just end up forgotten and using up memory on your computer. With the Russian Bride Guide - in paperback - you can even read it again on the plane on your way to Russia! Men tell us they love to do this just to brush up on the finer points before they land. 

Do you want to know the truth? Want to learn about how to spot party girls, professional daters, rip-off agencies, scammers and all the pitfalls? 

Do you want to sort through the dirty barrel and be able to cherry pick your personal Russian princess? You need the Russian Bride Guide!

 Russian Women Information - Mail Order Bride Guide

The Russian Bride Guide Gives You More!
Written by a Russian woman and a Western man.

Look at the girl in the cover picture, she is your author Olga Maslova. She is a regular Russian girl now married to a regular Western guy. We didn't need to pay a book cover model, we had one in-house already!

 A beautiful woman as a wife is just a dream for most men. How hard is it to marry one from your country? An educated one? One with good traditional family values? One who doesn't think she is god's gift? One a few years younger than you? Very difficult.

Russian, Ukrainian and FSU girls fill the gap that Western wannabe "sex and the city" women created. The FSU has a surplus of good, decent women just seeking a good, sober and secure husband.

If you want to win the heart of one of these beauties, you need the full ABC from people who know Russian society and the motivation of the women you can meet there.

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Russian Women Information
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Dating Russian Women
"It is factual without being offensive. It's helpful without being overbearing. It is instructive without being condescending. I haven't read anything that I think is bad or unwise advice. It is the BEST book on this topic that I have read, and I've read just about all of 'em."

- Brad from Ohio, USA - reader.

Women Russia Ukraine
"With 200+ pages, I wasn't too sure I would get through reading it all. But I found it easy to read and covering all aspects of dating in the FSU. Even though I have made a half dozen trips thus far, if I had a book like this prior to taking my first trip five years ago, I could of avoided some of the traps that awaited me."

- Don from Winnipeg, Canada - reader.

Mail Order Bride Guide
"This book is excellent! The writing is fluid; the presentation is logical and the content is exceptionally useful. Men at virtually any stage of their search would be well-advised to buy a copy and read it carefully, taking the advice to heart. In one single source there is now a wealth of current and useful information that will allow any man to avoid virtually all the pitfalls and take all the right steps for a successful relationship. I'm impressed!"

- Robert from Florida, USA - reader.

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Russian Wife
"The authors have created something which genuinely offers the inside scoop. This book is an absolute must-read for any man looking to Russia for a wife."

- Jim Hanemaayer, Editor of the Mendeleyev Journal, Correspondent for USA Channel One and Bolshoi Magazine (Moscow).

Good Wife Information
"The Russian Bride Guide is a well-written, insightful, and enlightening description of a fascinating contemporary phenomenon. The book, alongside interviews with the authors, is being used in an anthropological study in conjunction with the Kremlin Museum that will be used in a 2009 Moscow exhibition."

- Dr Nikolai Ssorin-Chaikov, University of Cambridge, England.

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I don't know we can help convince you any further. Maybe check out your local McDonalds or Wal-Mart pastry counter? You can be sure to find an overweight, divorced, feminist, flip-flop wearing woman with three kids and an ex-husband or two there. Surely that isn't your ideal woman?


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